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Update on the ATTeST trial

After several years of planning and preparation, the trial of the Erydex System, now known as the ATTeST trial, is finally underway – in some countries but not yet in the UK. To date, 19 people out of the 180 required have been enrolled on the trial in 7 different countries, including the US, Australia and India.

The A-T centre at Nottingham will be participating in the trial and aims to be recruiting participants later this year. The trial organisers aim to have everything in place and be able to carry out the final site visit by the end of September. However, at the moment it is not possible to say exactly when recruitment will start.

The issue is that Nottingham will be one of the largest centres in the trial in terms of numbers of participants. This, and the complexity of the trial, involving as it does monthly visits to the centre and a range of tests and assessments to be carried out, mean that they need to recruit a research fellow. It is this recruitment and the bureaucratic processes of the NHS and University which are taking time.

Many families have been in contact with the A-T Society to find out what is happening, having heard that the trial is underway in other countries. We understand their frustration and have been in regular touch with the Nottingham team to offer any assistance we can to help speed things up. We are also in constant contact with the sponsors of the trial who are fully engaged and committed to providing all the support needed to solve the issues encountered in Nottingham

However, while we don’t know the exact start date, we are nevertheless confident that the trial will go ahead and also that there is an excellent team in place in Nottingham to carry it out. As soon as we have any more information about a start date, we will let people know.