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Tears of Gratitude for Make Some Noise

Families and staff from the A-T Society were reduced to tears of joy when they were presented with a grant cheque from Global Radio’s charity Make Some Noise.

TV and radio presenter Jenni Falconer had just handed over a cheque for the amount we had been awarded, when she suddenly took it back saying “but we don’t want to give you that………”

A moment later, Jenni produced another cheque, a very big cheque!  The supersized presentation cheque was for £90,000!

After a stunned silence, the news began to sink in and tears flowed as everyone realised what a difference this sum will make to the charity. Watch the moment on film here.

A-T mum Hailey Carrington said “It’s brilliant beyond belief!  This amazing little charity has had recognition from Make Some Noise for all it does to help families. It’s a fantastic, mind-blowing amount of money which will do a lot of good for all the children like Kira.”

The story began last year when the A-T Society applied to Make Some Noise for a £26,000 grant to cover the annual costs of salaries for our family support work with children.  We were delighted to be adopted as one of the charity’s national causes and threw ourselves into the preparations for Make Some Noise day 2017.

A group of young adults with A-T went to visit staff at Global HQ in London’s Leicester Square.  They took part in interviews for the various Global radio brands and all enjoyed VIP tours of the station.  They had a profound effect on members of staff at Global, and having heard their stories and seen their big smiles and positive attitudes to living with a very difficult condition, staff were clearly very moved.

In the weeks leading up to Make Some Noise Day in October and on the day itself, there were lots of interviews and contributions from people living with A-T aired on radio and across social media.  Global’s 24 million listeners responded to their honest and often heart-wrenching stories and the donations flowed in with a record breaking £2,860,897.00 raised by the appeal.

The A-T Society said “Children and families living with rare conditions like A-T are seldom heard.  Global #MakeSomeNoise gave them a voice and confidence to share their stories with the nation.  It has been a privilege to be part of something so special and the outstanding Grant from GMSN puts us in a much stronger position to give A-T families in the UK the support they need and deserve”.

Make Some Noise were so impressed by the attitude and enthusiasm of the children, young adults, families and staff they met, that they made a decision to maximise the award in recognition of the A-T Society’s active engagement throughout the year.

The award will go towards the costs of our family support team for the next two years and help us towards the costs of funding a weekend for young adults and our Family Weekend in 2017.