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Legally Speaking

When organising a fundraising activity, it’s not worth taking any risks with safety for you and your guests, or the law. Please take care and use common sense at your event and note that it’s your responsibility to make sure your event is safe and complies with any relevant authorities.

Here are a few of the things you should consider

First Aid

Some events will require it. Ensure you have adequate cover available for the scale of your event. If you’re not sure, check with your local council.  Even if first aid cover is not a statutory requirement, it is worth having a first aid kit to hand.


Check out references and/or qualifications of suppliers.  Professional caterers or food suppliers should have the relevant Food Hygiene and Environmental Health certificates. If you are preparing food yourself, you might be able to get someone involved who has studied the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate Course.

Contact your local council for food hygiene regulations at events or visit


Check if the venue is licensed or contact your local council to find out more about getting a temporary license.  If you need a temporary license you will need to apply well in advance of your event.

Money Collections

If you want to have a collection at an event or on private property we can provide you with collecting pots or buckets – please give at least one week’s notice to post them out to you.

It is illegal to carry out house to house or public street collections without a license.

If you want to organise a street collection, contact your local council and ask them to advise you on availability of dates and provide you with a booking form.  If you are planning a street collection, please contact us so we can ensure you have the support you need.


If you’re holding an event in a public area, inform the local council and police.  You may need to obtain any special licences e.g. public entertainment, collection or alcohol licences well in advance. Ensure you have the correct licences for collections, alcohol, and for raffles and lotteries.

It is very likely your local council will also require that you provide public liability insurance for your event.

Raffles and Lotteries

You can hold a raffle using cloakroom tickets on the day of your event without requiring a license.

However, if you want to organise a ‘draw’ over a period of days, weeks or even months, you will need properly printed tickets which include details of the promoter and the charity number, together with details of the prizes and the date, time and location of the draw.

Check the latest information and advice at


Include the charity’s logo and registration number on all promotional materials.  We can provide a letter to confirm your involvement with the A-T Society.


You may need to perform a risk assessment to identify any hazards and evaluate any risks at your event. Also find out whether you will need to get insurance which we may be able to assist you with.  Contact us for further information.