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Super Stars Gallery 


Welcome to our Super Stars Gallery – a beautiful display of the creative and artistic talents among our wonderful supporters.

Each star has been lovingly designed and will hopefully take pride of place on the tree this season and for many more to come.

Please carry-on crafting by using our downloadable template here to make as many as you wish and keep sending the photos in – remember to check back in to this page as it will be updated regularly so you can enjoy looking at all the photo’s…

  • Can you find your own design here?
  • Can you spot your best friend here?
  • Which is your favourite design?

If you haven’t made a donation yet but feel you are able to, then please click Donate to leave a gift.


We thank you for taking part and send our very good wishes for the festive season.

Please click here to read about the Superstar family who inspired this appeal.

Thank you for your continued support.