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Study of tumors in UK Ataxia Telangiectasia patients

This is to let you know that Professor Malcolm Taylor and his colleagues at the University of Birmingham would like to undertake a new study of the tumors that occur in A-T patients in order to better understand the range of tumor types that people with A-T develop. For this, they need your help.

Because A-T is such a rare disease, little is known about how these tumors arise. Through this study they hope to be able to increase our knowledge by making a precise record of the tumor diagnosis and analyzing any samples available that were taken for the diagnosis. We all hope that this will increase our understanding of what causes these tumors to develop.

The Society supports this project and will soon be sending out letters to individual families with more details of this study and also asking for your agreement for them to access medical notes and hospital tissue samples that may already be available.

Yours sincerely


Kay Atkins

Head of Services, Ataxia telangiectasia Society of UK