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Non-financial support

There are a number of other practical ways that the A-T Society is able to support A-T research and researchers . This list sets out some, but it is not exclusive.

  • administrative support
  • identifying, linking or communicating with people with A-T in the UK and abroad
  • promoting studies or clinical trials and recruiting participants to them
  • organising surveys or focus groups to gain user feedback
  • identifying, linking or communicating with professionals with an interest in A-T in the UK and abroad
  • support in organising meetings or conference calls
  • access to the A-T clinical research network and the opportunity to publish information or calls via its bulletin
  • access to the programme committee of the biennial A-T clinical research conferences

If you  would like to discuss how we might be able to help your project, including in ways not listed above, please contact us on 01582 760733 or e-mail [email protected].