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Apply for research funding

The Society is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities  (AMRC) and conforms to their guidance on the assessment and funding of research projects. All applications for over £5,000 will be subject to Peer Review. All applications will also be required to demonstrate how they take forward the A-T Society’s research strategy. We follow the AMRC policy on the use of animals in research.

It is also a condition of all grants that the grant-holder subsequently provides a report in lay-language, setting out the impact that the grant has had.

We do not currently fund by means of fixed-deadline grants rounds. Instead, we recommend that anyone considering submitting a grant application contacts us for an initial discussion. Please e-mail [email protected] or call +44 1582 760733. It may help you to fill out our preliminary application form before doing this.

To make a formal application, you will  need to complete our Research grant form. If you wish to apply for a grant to fund equipment, please complete our Equipment grant form. You can also download a copy of our standard terms and conditions here.

Once the application has been peer-reviewed, it will be assessed by the Society’s Scientific Advisory Board which will consider the scientific strength of the application and how well it takes forward the Society’s research strategy. The Terms of Reference for the Scientific Advisory Board are provided here. The Board will recommend to the Board of Trustees whether they feel the project should be supported or not and the Board will make the final decision.

While we make every effort to make decisions as quickly as we can, we have limited funds and are committed to ensuring that we use them in the most effective way to take forward our research strategy. We also give great importance to working in partnership, and where it will not unduly hold a project up, we will look to involve other organisations in joint funding.