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A-T Research Conferences

A-T Clinical Research Conferences

The A-T Clinical Research Meeting (A-TCRC), which is in part organised by the A-T Society, and was due to take place in October 2020 has been cancelled. This meeting usually takes place on alternate even years. We aim to have the next A-TCRC meeting in 2022, when we hope International travel will be easier and social distancing measures reduced. This timing is also to promote interface with the more research oriented meeting, called the A-T workshop (ATW). The next ATW meeting is currently planned to take place from 4-7th November in Shenzhen, China – visit for more details.


Conferences have so far been held in:

View of Naples and Vesuvius  2018, Naples, Italy

Picture of Warswaw city centre 2016, Warsaw, Poland

Picture of central Nijmegen  2014, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Picture or King's College Cambridge 2012, Cambridge, UK