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Rachel Elizabeth Ferguson right from the start was determined to succeed in life & cause mischief in equal measure. Our first memory of her after being born was the way she looked at us with one eye open & one closed, as if winking. If anyone told her she wouldn’t be able to do something she was determined to prove them wrong & wholeheartedly would put all her energies into doing so. Like coming first in a race at primary school the day after we were told she’d never win one, this was before her AT diagnosis. She always had an enquiring mind & on finding out she had AT asked us to explain how she’d got it. She met everything head on with courage & on the whole was a very positive young lady. At secondary school for English she decided to do a presentation on AT & the charity, it was then she found out all the implications of the condition, on being told she probably wouldn’t be able to cope with taking GCSEs she was determined to prove her teachers wrong & even went onto after passing these to do a BTEC level 3 course in Health & Social Care.

Rachel was very thoughtful & compassionate, she loved animals & became an accomplished horse rider getting as far as the national RDA championships once. Unfortunately the following year thyroid cancer was diagnosed followed by Endometriosis. Both of these conspired against her but when feeling well enough Rachel loved going away on holiday to Wales, the Lakes & Kent. She particularly loved being by the sea & visiting her beloved Portmeirion. She loved her food & going out for meals. Rachel had a part time job which she loved doing for nearly seven years. Her fun loving nature which ensured she loved going on amusement park rides & coming to the AT get togethers with other families like ours. She loved watching DVDs & listening to all kinds of music. She loved clothes & always had to be colour coordinated. During lockdown Rachel decided to write a children’s book which she succeeded in getting published & a further two books also followed, she liked to help fundraise for the charity & proceeds from the children’s books were donated to the AT Society.

The third one she finished in her final week whilst in a hospice & they are also due to be published.  During her final stay in hospital, having been told she’d only got weeks to live, she planned her own ‘funeral’ service which shows how even at the end she was determined to ensure things were planned in the way she wanted. As she said she didn’t want it to be a funeral but a service to celebrate her life & it proved to be so. It was a truly uplifting, emotional & humbling occasion which is how she’d have wanted it to be & I have no doubt she was there to check it was all done to her satisfaction.

May she rest in peace with loved ones who’ve gone on before until we’re reunited.

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