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Quentin 1978-82 (Quentin is on the right with his brother Gabriel)

Quentin died from T-Cell Leukaemia when he was four years old. His family didn’t know he had AT until many years later when his younger brother Rupert was diagnosed and the link was made. But he did walk with increasing difficulty especially after having treatment.

He was ill for 18 months but lived life as fully as anyone could before and after he became ill, having plenty of friends and enjoying visits to grandparents . As a personality he was giggly and fun and loved playing with his older brother Gabriel and his sister Anastasia. He was very fond of chocolate and for his fourth birthday party everything was chocolate except for sausages on sticks. Even the sandwiches had to have chocolate spread!

But he had to be very brave having his treatment – and he was. Especially when he had to stay in hospital on his own over night at the age of only 3 because parents were not able to stay at the hospital over night in those times.

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