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Meet George

George is 26. When he was 2 years old, a health worker noticed he was having difficulty standing up; 2 years later he was diagnosed with AT. AT effects every aspect of a child’s life, and the lives of their families. George is now fully dependent on his wheelchair and on full-time carers support which has been one of the hardest adjustments for him to come to terms with.

His mother, Michelle, witnessed how much the symptoms of AT and the degeneration of his physical abilities started to affect George’s mental health. She turned to the AT Society who were able to provide the family with practical and supportive advice, and with counselling to help George develop coping mechanisms to live with this rare condition. Over the years, the charity has also helped George and his family to attend its annual social weekend, where he has built up a support network of close AT friends. When they are together, no explanations are needed, everyone understands – there is a real strength in that.