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Louise Anne Robinson was a amazing, beautiful, funny and courageous woman. She loved butterflies, dolphins, animals and the colour purple. She loved wearing makeup, Jenny her sister would do her makeup and help her choose a fashionable outfit for her if she was going somewhere fancy. She loved handbags, jewelry and smelling lovely.

Her favourite bands were take that, backstreet boys and westlife. She was so sad when Robbie Williams left the band and oh we all knew about it she was heartbroken.  She loved her boy bands I think because she fancied them alot!

   She struggled so much in life with her AT and her countless other conditions but she still carried on smiling, being positive and being her sassy self. She loved watching horror films the scarier the better, she’d be the one laughing as she’d leave the cinema while everyone else is crying! She was brave, she was amazing and she was so loved. She’s missed and loved by Christine and Clifford her parents, her littler sister Jenny and her brother Stuart. She also loved her cats tiger and whiskers and the guinea pigs. Life will never be the same but we always hold her in our hearts and memories always! ♥️

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