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Caring for yourself

Caring for yourself

We know from our own personal experiences and research evidence, that emotional health and wellbeing affects how we think, feel and relate to both ourselves and others, plus how we interpret the world around us. Having good emotional health improves our ability to manage, communicate, form and sustain positive relationships. It also helps build resilience to cope with change and stressful major life events, such as loss or bereavement.

But good emotional health and wellbeing isn’t just about feeling happy and confident, it’s also about having skills to engage positively with the world and to develop strong self-esteem.  This skill development starts early in life, so we aim to build up a resource section to help parents find ways to take care of their own wellbeing along the AT journey whilst supporting their children with AT to develop healthy coping strategies.

We hope the tips, suggestions and stories offered on this page inspire you and provide ideas on how to take better care of your own and your family’s overall health and wellbeing.

We’d love to hear from people of all ages affected by AT, including parents, siblings, friends and schools, so please send us your stories and photos.  We also want to get feedback from you as we continue to develop this page.

Just click on the images below and take a look at the ever growing tips, suggestions and resources.

Stay well everyone!