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Keep Learning

Hula Hooping

Jo Bloomer, mum of a child living with A-T, discovered hula hooping as a way to look after her mental health and keep fit too. Jo said “It’s an uplifting, motivating, feel-good feeling with an added bonus of burning loads of calories. It’s cheap to buy and you can do it anywhere in your home and when you like! Lola likes to dance in the background.” Jo loved her newfound exercise so much that she set up a Facebook group encouraging others to take up it up and join her in her 50-day hula hooping challenge and over 400 ‘hoopers’ have joined her so far. Jo is raising money for the A-T Society at the same time – way to go Jo!


Writing and Baking

Rachel has been Skyping her friends and is continuing to write her children’s fiction book called ‘Magic Meg’. Rachel has planned it all out and has nearly finished chapter 8. We can’t wait to read it once it’s finished.




Meanwhile Rachel’s mum, Joy, has been busy baking and trying out some new recipes. She’s been sharing her bakes on Facebook and making everyone’s mouth water – her lemon meringue cake looked delicious.




Jake learnt some TikTok moves to Blinding Lights by The Weekend and practised to perfection. We will soon be uploading a new page where you can see some amazing TikTok videos done during lockdown…watch this space!