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Ian was a very special person, he was in a wheelchair from the 16 years old until he died at 48 years old, luckily for him he lived a very independent life in his house in Edinburgh for 27 years, his independence came from going to the National Star Centre, Ullenwood, Cheltenham for 4 years they taught him to be independent, as a result he had a very interesting life, much more than it would have been if he had lived at home, he worked for the Citizen Advice through joining the Edinburgh Volunteers as a receptionist  for 27 years  when he died they made an Ian McInnes Cup that is given once a year to a company or charity that takes on a disabled volunteer  for a year, it is given to them at a ceremony in the City Chambers in Edinburgh by the the Lord Provost and I and my daughter go to it.  The Citizen Advice also named a meeting room after him, so he has left an amazing legacy.

In his spare time he travelled abroad to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand (he went white water rafting there!), Sir Lanka, France America, Canada, he never went on disabled peoples holidays he always took a friend on holiday to help him.  Despite the fact that the last 12 years of his life he could not feed, wash, dress himself he just got somebody to help, he would just ask his friends to feed him when he was in a restaurant, he always found away round any problem he had, he also helped other people if he could. He was an example to us all to just get on with life come what may. He certainly lead life to the full.

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