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Grant Criteria

AT Society Financial Support Grants

All people with or affected by AT (Or AT Like Conditions) are eligible to apply for a financial support grant from the AT Society to assist with the cost of items that they need as a result of the condition, but cannot easily afford, and for which they cannot get help for from other sources.

The process of applying for a grant

The applicant or their representative will complete the application form, with help from the Family Support Team if required. The form will then be sent to the Family Support Team together with any requested documentation.

Prior to applying, consideration must always be given to the availability of statutory funding and funding from other sources.

Once the form has been submitted and all other requested information received by the AT Society, the Head of Services and the Advocacy & Support Manager will consider the application and decide whether or not to award a grant and will sign off the grant form. The finance officer will then make the payment. (Support grant budgets are managed on a quarterly basis).

Payment will be made direct to the provider of the item or service, and in some cases will be made directly to the individuals bank account.

Criteria for applying for a grant

All grants must be for the benefit of the person affected by AT for an item or service needed as a direct result of living with AT.

No long-term financial commitments can be entered into.

Applications for loans cannot be considered.

All applications must be accompanied by written evidence of an assessment of need and of the suitability of the item/service requested if applicable.  This letter of support should be from an OT or other health or social care professional, in accordance with the nature of the request.

Where possible, requests must be accompanied by 2 quotes. The cheaper of the two will normally be used in calculating the level of any award made.

All grant requests must be approved before a commitment is made to purchase the item. We cannot give help where an item has already been purchased or a deposit made.

We will consider applications for the following items:

  1. Mobility equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, scooters, trikes, special terrain buggies, stair lifts, through-lifts, ramps, walkers, transport costs).
  2. Bathroom equipment (e.g. hoist, shower, toilet).
  3. Specialist furniture (e.g. bed/chair)
  4. Respite care (subject to consideration of the period since the last break, whether there is a crisis at home, what respite options are on offer etc.)
  5. Computers/IT Equipment
  6. Holidays (subject to consideration of the period since the last holiday, level of need, destination, and cost etc.)
  7. Educational Courses

However, if you think you have a need for something which fits the criteria but is not on this list, please discuss this with our Family Support Team.

Criteria for assessment and award of grants

In considering whether or not to make a grant and the level of funding to be awarded, the AT Society will consider the following factors:

  • The level of need and the degree to which the item will meet that need
  • Whether there is a statutory requirement to fund the item. If there is, the reason must be demonstrated why funding should be provided by the AT Society (e.g. that the timescale is unreasonable or that a different piece of equipment would better meet the individual’s needs).
  • The availability of funding from other sources
  • The extent to which the individual or family is able to fund the item themselves; we would ask individuals/families to contribute at least 10%.
  • The number and size of grants previously made to the applicant by the AT Society and how long ago these were made.
  • The availability of funds within the AT Society