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AT specialist clinics



There are two AT specialist clinical centres in the UK, one for children at Nottingham City Hospital (16 and under) and one for adults at Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge (over 16). These centres are now fully funded by the NHS and have built up considerable experience and expertise in AT together with developing better management of the condition. The children’s centre offers multidisciplinary team (MDT) medical assessments over one full day, while the adult centre offers the same MDT assessments over two days. For details and information on referrals please click on the relevant link below:

Children’s Clinic Fact Sheet 

Adult Clinic Fact Sheet

Papworth Clinic – Patients Guide leaflet


The AT Society was instrumental in setting up and developing both centres and continues to work in collaboration with the NHS to constantly review and progress the quality of care for patients. We also arrange appointments at the centres and assist with arrangements and costs for transport and accommodation.

We would strongly encourage everyone with AT to attend one of these centres as soon as they feel able after diagnosis and then regularly after that. The advice given at each centre is invaluable for you/your child’s health, both in the short and longer terms.

If you live outside of the UK it may still be possible for you to attend one of these centres, either through the European system or as a private patient.

For further information or to book an appointment at one of the clinics please contact our ‘Support Team’ on 01582 760733 or email Support

Clinic on Camera

We are very pleased to have produced these short films with the help of Royal Papworth Hospital and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Huge thanks to Erskine Arts , VINCI UK Foundation, and to the families and staff who took part.

We hope these films will help familiarise people who are new to the AT clinics with the setting and procedures so that they feel more at ease about attending.


Visiting the AT Clinic at the Royal Papworth Hospital with the AT Society

Visiting the children’s AT Clinic at Nottingham with the AT Society

Jane Flint, AT Society Counselling Support

Visiting the children’s AT Clinic with AT Society’s Support and Advocacy Manager, Anne Murray

Emma Lukins, AT Society Clinic Coordinator