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Education and AT

Education and AT

The AT Society can offer help and guidance to Schools, Colleges and Education Professionals to support the child and the professionals involved in their care. Our ‘Support Team’ Kay Atkins and Anne Murray can visit Schools/Colleges to discuss the child’s needs and to help educate staff about the condition. They can also help in supporting an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Due to the complicated needs of the child and the continuing deterioration of the condition, we would recommend that every child with AT has an EHCP in place. A full time ‘Learning Support Assistant’ is also recommended, not just for support in the classroom, but also in getting about the School.

There are no associated learning difficulties with AT– however there is a ‘difficulty in learning’ as the physical limitations of the condition make it difficult for the children to keep up with their peers and meet targets. It is important to find the balance between achievement for the child and being aware of the issues with the condition.

Some of our young adults who have mild variant AT go on to further education and university, sadly for our children with classic AT this is unlikely.

If you have a child with AT at your School/College then please do download our Factsheet for Schools which explains in detail the condition and how this affects the child’s educational needs.

Our ‘Support Team’ Kay and Anne would be more than happy to advise and arrange a visit to your School/College. Please contact them on 01582 760733 or email support

We would like to thank you for coming to meet with us today. Having the opportunity to talk to you about AT was extremely valuable. It has opened our eyes to the challenges that our pupil and his family have faced and will face in the future. It has certainly given us food for thought on how we can effectively support them whilst he attends our school.

W. Howlett, Acting Head Teacher, Primary School in North Lincolnshire.