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A great way to help improve your overall well-being is to strengthen and widen your range of relationships and social networks.  We realise doing this is even more difficult during this period of isolation and social distancing, but here are some suggestions.

Please tell us what you are doing to stay connected with others.


Charlie celebrated his 24th birthday virtually! He invited his friends and family to pop by and celebrate online with him. Charlie and his brother Owen selected a playlist and everyone was encouraged to bring their own food and drinks and sing along and have a dance. By all accounts it was a great party!



Charlie and his girlfriend Heidi also organised a country and western virtual party where they both dressed up and Charlie’s family have been doing some virtual quizzes with extended family members too which they have all enjoyed.



George has been enjoying sitting out in the sunshine and keeping connected with his friends via his mobile phone.



He has also started using Wii Fit as part of his daily physio exercise programme – Boccia and baseball seem to be the current favourites. George used to struggle to do 15 minutes of his normal physio programme because he found them boring but he’s found doing the Wii Fit games much more motivating and he managed to do 3 hours of Wii Fit in a day – great achievement George.


Hayley and Rose

Despite being oceans apart, connecting with others can help improve a youngster’s wellbeing.
Last December, UK Mum Jenna saw a post from Holly, a Mum in Colorado, USA, describing how much her 8-year-old daughter Hayley loved sending Christmas Cards. Holly asked if Hayley could send cards to other youngsters with A-T.


Jenna excitedly wrote back to Holly, explaining that her daughter Rose was 8 years old too, has A-T and would love to exchange cards with Hayley. Since then the girls have become pen pals and they both absolutely love receiving parcels and cards from one another!