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Champagne to celebrate Sorrel’s incredible run

Over 200 supporters turned out to run, cheer and crack open the champagne as Sorrel Hodgson completed her amazing year of running for the A-T Society. Every single day of 2015, Sorrel ran at least 5 km (3.1 miles), clocking up an amazing 1825km or 1134 miles, the equivalent of running from her home town of Nottingham to the very southernmost tip of Spain.

Sorrel has a busy life. She works with people with learning difficulties and has three young children. She found out about A-T as her children go to the same school as Kaid Betts, who has A-T. Sorrel became friends with Kaid’s mother Jo, herself an active supporter of the Society.

Sorrel was moved and inspired by Kaid and Jo and last New Year, surprising even herself, she made her commitment to run 5 km a day to raise funds for the A-T Society.

She had never done anything like this before and most of her friends thought she was crazy, and would never keep it up. But keep at it she did, running day after day, come rain, wind or shine, work days and holidays alike.

Once they realised she was serious, Sorrel he had great support from her friends, and on her final run over 200 of them turned out either to run alongside her or to cheer her over the line. And in addition to raising over £2000, she generated fantastic publicity in the local press.

The A-T Society said: “This is an awesome achievement and Sorrel is an inspiration to us all. She has shown that with imagination and determination anyone can achieve great things. She has made a massive contribution to the Society and to people living with A-T.”

If you would like to recognise Sorrel’s extraordinary run, please visit her fundraising page.

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