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Alecia’s Story

The Virus

There was a young lady called Alecia, she lived at home with her family.  Alecia had a rare condition which meant that she needed to use a wheelchair at all times. She was a very sociable person and loved to go out, she accessed many clubs and regularly met with and enjoyed spending time with her friends.

In early 2020 she was going about her fun-packed life when an evil virus struck. It was a scary time; people were becoming very unwell and the government had to put in very strict rules to stop this virus from spreading more. This meant that everything came to a standstill and the whole of the UK went into “lockdown.”

Alecia went from being extremely active all week, going out most days, to being stuck indoors and isolated away from her friends. This was very difficult for Alecia and it made her feel upset and frustrated. And emotional!

Alecia was lucky to have close family with her who supported her, she did baking with her sister and even went on a family bike ride on her specially adapted trike and managed over 2 miles. However, she was still very sad that she was not able to party with her friends.

Nobody knew how long this would last, Alecia hoped that she would soon be able to get back to her normal life.

Written by Alecia

A video made by Alecia using

Tik Tok fun during lockdown – we’ll have more of Alecia’s Tik Tok vidoes on our new Tik Tok page…COMING SOON!