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A game of two halves

Gorgeous twins, Broghan and Brae Sewell, are living examples of just how indiscriminate A-T is.

They both love cycling, their Playstation and football. But only Broghan has been selected as a potential star – Chelsea FC have signed him up to their under eights team. The other twin, Brae, has Ataxia-Telangiectasia.

Our new film highlights the conflict of emotions experienced by A-T families – their courage and heartache. It shows the family grappling with the different paths their sons lives will take.

The twins have an incredible bond and can often be found in the park honing their ball skills. The poignancy of these moments is not lost on their parents. Brian and Siobhan are coming to terms with the reality that by the age of 10 Brae will use a wheelchair full time. He won’t be able to ride his beloved bike or play the beautiful game with his brother any more. Brae will be lucky to live until he is 26.

The Sewell family aim to stay positive and with support from the A-T Society focus on both boys equally, making the best of their lives.

The whole family celebrated Broghan’s achievements at his recent signing ceremony and met many of the current Chelsea first team players.

But there is no denying the moment was bitter-sweet as it highlighted the stark reality of the future prospects for the boys. As Broghan reaches the peak of his football career, Brae may be nearing the end of his life.

For the family, as with every other A-T family, hope lies in achieving the best quality of life possible.

The A-T Society support the family through national clinics, practical and emotional support and research towards treatments and a cure for the condition.

The A-T Society is immensely grateful to film-maker Tom Worsley for producing this powerful film.

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